USB Virus Scan

USB Virus Scan 3.0

Detects threats on USB devices
Protects your PC from threats coming from USB memory sticks and external hard disks by scanning the devices and removing possible infections. Disables USB ports completely or changes the external drive's configuration to Read-only.

USB Virus Scan is a small piece of software that works as a resident program that checks for infections or threats any time a USB drive is inserted. When it finishes his work, it shows you a small MSN-like notification, a popup square sliding up from the bottom right corner of your screen. This operation takes a few seconds, you will notice no lag and it will not to interfere with your daily work.
On the other hand, I really liked some extra features included with this program, like the processes list (and the ability for marking some of them as "trusted", the "Unlock USB devices" (when you try to eject an USB drive and Windows complains), disable the usage of USB drives, or make them as read-only, and a small place to rollback some changes commonly made by viruses, like critical file associations with infected programs.
The software shows 42 awards received from several popular shareware / download sites. Personally I don't expected that, for me this software is very small, simple and feature-limited. On the other hand, I can't say "it doesn't deserve it" after all.

Review summary


  • Popup notifications are nice
  • Some tools included adds some value to this software


  • Updates are not available on the free version
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